Unlikely allies are crowdsourcing funding and habitat to save the monarch butterfly

The monarch butterfly has a new chance at recovery, thanks to the launch of the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange and inspiring commitments from early participants. The Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange is an innovative market-based program dedicated to restoring and conserving high-quality monarch habitat on America’s private working lands. It’s been dubbed an ‘Airbnb for butterflies’ because it’s the only program of its kind that can open the vast untapped potential.

Spring is Coming…Got Milkweed?

I don’t know about you, but one way I cope with winter is by planning my garden. It’s my philosophy that it’s never too early to be thinking about the next growing season and lately my thoughts have leaned towards how I am going to transform my property into a Monarch butterfly (and pollinator) paradise! How many of you also have this goal? read entire article here

In Iowa: New hope for the monarch takes flight

The pleasure afforded by the shade of the giant bur oak overhanging my garden is more than doubled these days by the flitting of monarch butterflies. As they flutter from milkweed to corn tassel to oak leaf, seeming to leave orange and black contrails in their wake, they heighten nature’s beauty while distracting a shade-seeking gardener from unpulled weeds and unmown grass. read entire article here

Got Milkweed? Summer workshop for educators

Got Milkweed? FREE Summer Workshop For Educators. St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN. July 11-13, 2017. Monarch caterpillars only eat one kind of plant–milkweed. As monarch butterfly populations are declining and more people are planting milkweed, what is important to understand about this food source? This workshop introduces participants to a distributed research project designed to help students understand evolution and ecology through inquiry about milkweed plants while simultaneously gathering data.

Monarch Habitat on Farms Demonstration Days

Join us for hands-on demonstrations, activities, and information about installing and managing native habitat for monarchs and other wildlife on farms. We are offering a series of field days across Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Choose the date and location that works best for you! Field days are free! Pre-registration is requested. Topics Covered: Site selection and site prep methods for native plantings Seed mix design, planting methods, and management Native.

Iowa launches plan to save threatened Monarch butterflies

Iowa took a large step Monday toward helping the recovery of monarch butterflies, with the introduction of a strategy designed to help keep the threatened insects off the national endangered species list. The 135-page plan helps provide farmers, backyard gardeners and others with a road map for boosting monarch butterfly habitat in Iowa. Nearly 40 agriculture, conservation, business, utility and government groups, calling themselves the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium, pulled.

Area Occupied by Monarch Butterflies in Mexico down 27%

An area of woodlands measuring 2.91 hectares, occupied by 13 monarch butterfly colonies, was identified. This represents a 27.42% decrease from the 2015–2016 season, which accounted for 4.01 hectares. This is the first time Mexico has reported a small wintering colony established in the town of Real del Mar in Tijuana, Baja California Norte. more info here

Monarch Conservation’s All About Connections

When we decided to go “all in” on monarch conservation, we knew we’d need the help of every U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service program. We have employees with expertise on the complexities of wildlife migration, we have employees skilled at partnering with other federal and state agencies and private landowners, we have employees who educate the American people, we have employees applying the best scientific research and tools available to.

Omro farm helps Monarch butterfly populations flourish

OMRO, Wis. — Monarch butterfly populations may be in decline, but an Omro dairy farm is one of a number of farms around the state working to help the butterflies flourish. Omro Dairy, which is owned by Kaukauna-based Milk Source, has established more than three acres of protective zones for Monarch butterflies around its farm on East Scott Street in Omro, the Oshkosh Northwestern (http://oshko.sh/29SJAol ) reported. Staff said they.

Monarch Population Status from Chip Taylor, Monarch Watch

It was apparent as early as late May that the migration, and the subsequent overwintering population, was going to be much lower this year than in 2015-2016. The projections outlined in the Blog post of 7 July have largely come true. read more here

Monticello man battling to keep monarch milkweed

MONTICELLO — Monticello resident Michael Felton is to appear before the City Council on Tuesday to explain why the milkweed plants on his property are a benefit to the planet and the community rather than the nuisance asserted by a complainant. Felton, who has been growing milkweed at his home for more than 10 years, said he considers his appearance before the council — at 6 p.m. at the Renaissance.

Monarch Moonshot: Officials hope to make Linn County center of butterfly production and habitat

MARION — The launchpad is prepared for a pair of projects aimed at making Linn County the epicenter of both monarch butterfly production and the habitat they and other pollinators need to sustain themselves. “We are engaged in a couple of ‘moonshots’ that will help us accomplish our mission to restore the monarch population and habitat for all pollinators in Linn County,” Clark McLeod, director of the Monarch Research Project,.

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